Covid, the United States removes the obligation to test from June 12 at the entrance for travelers.

From 12 June, a negative anti-Covid test will no longer be necessary to set foot in the United States. The official will arrive shortly, as anticipated by some media including CNN and substantially confirmed by the vice-spokesman of the White House Kevin Munoz. The Joe Biden administration’s decision therefore comes in early summer and will take effect in the next 48 hours. This is a ‘revolution’ for the US which had essentially always kept its guard high on arrivals from abroad. For months, pressure from companies working in the travel sector had been going on for the CDC to speak out in favor of an elimination. Now the green light will come which will last 90 days, when the CDC will express itself again, also in light of the emergence of new variants. According to the travel industry, starting with the airlines, the mandatory entry test has had a “freezing” effect on an already fragile economy.

For this reason, there had been numerous meetings between White House officials and a group of industry managers, such as Nick Calio, number one of Airlines for America, the oldest and largest airline association. Several deputies, including Democrats, in favor of lifting the obligation had also joined the front in recent weeks. The US Travel Association also cheers: “Before the pandemic, travel was one of our nation’s largest exports in the industry. The abolition of this requirement will allow the industry to pave the way for a broader US economic and employment recovery, “said CEO Roger Dow. In recent weeks, lawmakers, including Democrats, have also supported the lifting of the testing requirement. Nevada Senator Catherine Cortez Masto said, “I am delighted that the CDC has lifted the burdensome coronavirus testing requirement for international travelers and will continue to do everything possible to support the strong recovery of our hospitality industry.”

Johnson & Johnson will split into two companies

(ANSA) – NEW YORK, NOV 12 – Johnson & Johnson splits into two listed companies. The giant, at the height of its 135 years and with more than 136,000 employees, opts for the spin off of its consumer products division, known for patches, shampoos for children and Neutrogena products. The separation will take place in 18-24 months and is “the best way to accelerate efforts to serve our patients, consumers and healthcare professionals,” as well as “push growth,” says CEO Alex Gorsky.

The group plans to complete the separation within 18-24 months, a statement read.

J&J will retain the pharmaceutical and medical equipment divisions. The divisions are expected to generate revenues of approximately $ 77 billion in 2021.

The stock was up 5% in the US pre-market in the wake of the news

COVID: vaccine for Kids in USA

Covid, in the US, definitive green light for a Pfizer vaccine for children between 5 and 11 years old

The OK from the CDC, which came after FDA approval, launches the new phase of the American vaccination campaign. Approximately 28 million children affected. “We are at a turning point in our battle with Covid,” said President Joe Biden. He specified that the injections could begin in the week of November 8.

In the United States, the authorities have finally approved Pfizer’s coronavirus vaccine for children between the ages of 5 and 11. The green light was given by the CDCs (Centers for disease control and prevention), which recommended injections also for this age group and, in fact, launched the new phase of the vaccination campaign. In recent days there was the approval of the FDA (Food and Drug Administration), which had said yes for children at a reduced dose (one third of that for adults) and two injections three weeks apart. The decision affects approximately 28 million American children
Biden: “We are at a turning point”

“With the authorization of the vaccine for children between the ages of 5 and 11, we are at a turning point in our battle with Covid,” said US President Joe Biden. The green light of the CDC to vaccinations for children, he added, is a “big step forward in our battle to defeat the virus”. The head of the White House has specified that the vaccination campaign for children can begin in the week of 8 November.

The singular case of the world: The vaccination regime in Italy …

Mario Draghi, current president of the Italian Council (since February 2021) and former president of the European central bank.

At the moment in Italy there are 49 million inhabitants (crica) who have completed the vaccination cycle with the two doses which corresponds to 79.38% of the population over 12. A percentage certainly not low but not high, considering that in Italy it was imposed the mandatory vaccine. Or rather, the mandatory green pass has been imposed as a ploy to encourage people to vaccinate. In reality, however, this incentive is an obligation because the green pass acquired with the swab in practice cannot be applied every day, both for an economic and practical reason.
Who does not have the green pass is suspended from work.
At the moment the only two countries that have adopted this policy are Italy and Saudi Arabia.
Understanding why it has come to this point is complex to explain it in two lines, but surely there are some reasons, albeit not very relevant: Italy still has a high number of daily deaths and moreover the places in intensive care are not as numerous as those of others European countries such as Germany or France.
What is surprising, however, is not only the measure imposed in Italy, but also the communication with which the measures are adopted.
In September, this obligation popped up overnight as if nothing had happened and the newspapers made no criticism. Moreover, since the appointment of Draghi as premier, no newspaper has dared to give a more heated criticism. And so the Italians, in addition to some vulgar criticism of this obligation, resigned themselves to a country with less and less freedom. Obviously the obligation of the green pass will avoid any lockdowns that could regress an economy already sunk for years, but the obligation is something that overrides any right and freedom.
The discomfort is that those who fight against this obligation are those who violently protest in the streets, and those who calmly defend the idea of ​​no-vax are no longer believed.

Mario Draghi took office since February 2021, when the President of the Republic, Sergio Mattarella, proposed him to the chambers of parliament, which in the previous weeks had discouraged Giuseppe Conte, who despite his less noble name and curriculum, has brought results in Italy never seen before: laws against corruption, citizenship income, pre-retirement etc …

The world after the covid era [diary]

By now most people are tired of the pandemic.
the more advanced states are vaccinating almost the entire population, but precautions remain.
As you know by now, the vaccine does not guarantee 100% protection and also lasts about 10 months.
Autumn is approaching and the scary of new lockdowns are tangible …
But when will all this pandemic chaos end? Until we find a vaccine that is 100% effective and lasts a minimum
5-6 years will not completely resolve the situation and could always be with a mask, spacing and other precautions.
To be precise, vaccines should not be called such, but should be called serum, because not give
a definite immunity but only temporary protection. Of course, the discovery of these serums is essential while waiting for a real one
vaccine, but don’t confuse things. In the past, for diseases like polio, it took many years to find a vaccine that made people immune

Google Doodle celebrated the 138th birthday of typhus vaccine creator Rudolf Weigl – Technology News, Firstpost

Today Google Doodle celebrates the 138th birthday of Polish inventor, physician and immunologist Rudolf Weigl. He is known as the creator of the first effective vaccine against it 7; typhus epidemic. There are three types of typhus: exfoliating typhus, mouse typhus, and epidemic typhus. It is a group of diseases caused by bacteria that spread fleas, lice and fleas.

Each insect spreads a type of typhus: chicks spread typhus patchy, fleas spread mouse typhus, and body lice spread epidemic typhus. According to the US CDC, epidemic typhus was the cause of death for millions of people in previous centuries, but today it is very rare. When cases occur, it is observed in areas of extreme overcrowding, where body lice can easily pass from one person to another. Born in 1883, Weigl was born in what is now the Czech Republic as the son of Austro-German parents. His father died in a bicycle accident and his mother remarried a Polish high school teacher.

In 1907 he completed his studies in biology at the Polish University of Lwów and then obtained a doctorate in zoology, comparative anatomy and histology. Typhus was a big problem during World War I, and Weigl has been studying lice in his lab for decades and has been able to develop a vaccine from these small insects. After Charles Nicolle’s preliminary work in 1909 (he discovered that lice were the vector of epidemic typhus), Weigl began work on a vaccine against epidemic typhus. To develop the vaccine, he bred the lice that Rickettsia prowazeki had been infected with and then crushed into a vaccine paste. He used this paste for experiments on animals and also performed some experiments on humans.

Weigl was successful in 1936 and vaccinated its first beneficiary. During the Soviet occupation he headed the Department of General Biology at Lviv University and worked on the development of this vaccine. The Typhus Research Institute was founded in his department. It maintained its position during the occupation as its research was particularly important as typhus spread mainly in Eastern Europe

Fda approves Pfizer aged 16 and over, now the vaccine is no longer “emergency”

The Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine has been definitively approved by the American Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for all people aged 16 and over. The vaccine, marketed as “Cominarty”, was 91% effective in preventing Covid infection. “From a legal point of view Pfizer’s becomes an approved vaccine and this opens the door to legal provisions that can lead to the obligation of vaccination” The two American pharmaceutical companies presented to the FDA the data relating to the clinical trial of 44,000 participants in the USA, the European Union, Turkey, South Africa and South America. The vaccine can now be marketed under the Comirnaty brand. Until now, the drug had been used thanks to an emergency authorization from the FDA, on 11 December 2020. Pfizer’s vaccine is a drug that can be regularly marketed and no longer limited to emergency situations. The vaccine manufactured by Pfizer-BioNTech has been definitively approved by the FDA for people aged 16 and over.

Freedom always has a price: the cost of a compromise of a constraint…

Illustration of Pawel Kuczysnki

Freedom always has a price and this price is always the compromise of an alley which means that freedom is almost never unavailable.

This year, after the dramatic year of 2020, everyone hopes to resume social life and therefore also leisure, first of all the sacrosanct summer holidays, which are the crucial moment to recharge the batteries after a year of work or whatever after. a winter year ….

In order for you to understand my diffidence about some that don’t work, I will list in the form of a list the things that people probably overlook.

01] Medicine is a science, but an inexact science (unlike mathematics and physics instead)

02] To make a vaccine (serious and effective) it takes years, if not decades.

03] The vaccine has a limited duration (on average about 10 months) and few have highlighted this.

04] The vaccine has a lower efficacy than the variants

05] The uncertainty regarding the variants could jeopardize the entire trend of the global pandemic. If a variant emerges that unhinges all vaccines, all efforts will be thwarted (at least in the long term)

06] Vaccination decreases the transmissibility of the virus but implies its mutation if a lightning-fast vaccination campaign is not carried out

07] If the vaccine has a duration of 10 months it must be taken into account that even more than one vaccination cycle (no dose)

08] We must not only consider the (side) effects that could be had in the immediate or short term, but also those in the long term, especially if you are forced to do more than one course of vaccine

09] In Italy they are carrying out a campaign to vaccinate even children with no need for the vaccine in any way, running the risk of 0%.

Myocarditis caused by Pfizer (in young people up to 30 years old)

Is there a connection between the cases of myocarditis diagnosed in 275 young males under the age of 30 and the administration of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine? Haaretz wrote that Israel’s ministry of health reported that it had found a significant number of myocarditis in young men who had received the serum. And that these are probably related to immunization.
What is this myocarditis thing after the Pfizer vaccine

A thesis disproved by Pfizer who, cited by Haaretz, stressed that he did not observe a higher rate of the disease than is normally found in the general population. The cases in Israel – said the ministry – were 275 between December last year and May 2021 out of over 5 million vaccinated. Most of the patients – according to the study carried out by the ministry – were not more than 4 days in hospital and 95% of these cases were defined as mild. The ministry’s study therefore found that “there is a probable link between those who received the second dose of Pfizer and myocarditis in young men between the ages of 16 and 30”. Pfizer – quoted by the newspaper – responded that it was aware of the Israeli study, adding that a causal link between the vaccine and inflammation has not been established.

Myocarditis is inflammation of the muscle tissue of the heart (myocardium) which unlike most heart disease tends to affect young people more often. Sometimes it can go unnoticed, it frequently heals without treatment while on some occasions it can present itself in a serious form. Its symptoms are variable. In the mildest form they can be the result of a viral infection and can be associated with fever and fatigue. In the most severe forms, heart failure develops characterized by shortness of breath, low blood pressure and loss of appetite. Sometimes it can progress to intensive care admission. Arrhythmias – which can be an early symptom of myocarditis – are also among the symptoms of the disease. But most often the disease manifests itself as a heart attack-like chest pain, since there are changes in the electrocardiogram, and some proteins normally contained in myocardial cells appear in the blood.