🎉 HAPPY NEW YEAR to those who want a world of peace and hope

Everyone would like their year to be filled with joy, health and prosperity. Unfortunately, reality wants people to live in imperfect relationships made up of perfect ideals only in their theory. However, this should not discourage that the main objective and horizon of life is hope, hope in everything, but in particular the hope of being able to live in peace and joy with others.
Happy 2023 to those who are filled with a spirit of peace.

🎉NEW YEAR: Welcome 2023

The new year has arrived: 2023. Everywhere in the world we celebrate the new year but not on the same date and above all not in the same way. However the new year brings with it the hope of a better life… 2022 was a bitter year for Europe: war! In fact, the conflict in Ukraine has caused bills to rise, forcing many traders to close their businesses. The war in Ukraine obviously doesn’t affect all the countries of the world equally… the most distant countries see the conflict as something unknown… but everyone should hope that in the new year there will be peace.

♬ ABBA – Happy New Year

on the first day of the year it was a must to put this song


No más champagne,
La bengala se apagó
Solo tú, sola yo,
El festejo ya pasó
Es el fin de la fiesta
Y hay un gris amanecer
Dónde está ese ayer
Que debemos proponer
Felicidad, felicidad
Al brindar les deseamos de ahora en más
Paz, amor en donde reine la amistad
Felicidad, felicidad
Al rogar esperanza de cambiar
Sin dejar al desaliento dominar
Y triunfar
Y cuando veo
Ese mundo que vendrá
Nuevo al fin llegará
De cenizas surgirá
Gente equivocada
Que pretende estar muy bien
Se los ve arrastrar
Pies de barro y caminar
Sin saber por donde andar
Felicidad, felicidad
Al brindar les deseamos de ahora en más
Paz, amor en donde reine la amistad
Felicidad, felicidad
Al rogar esperanza de cambiar
Sin dejar al desaliento dominar
Y así triunfar
Creo entender
Que los sueños son infiel
Al morir no son más
Que confites y papel
Es el tiempo pasado
Why en los años que vendrán
Quien podrá predecir
Qué depara el porvenir
Que nos falta por vivir
Felicidad, felicidad
Al brindar les deseamos de ahora en más
Paz, amor en donde reine la amistad
Felicidad, felicidad
Al rogar esperanza de cambiar
Sin dejar al desaliento dominar
Y así, triunfar

24th august (’22): International Strange Music Day

For those who have a tendency to lean toward the unique and bizarre, this is one day that will feed that strange musical soul! International Strange Music Day pulls out all the stops when it comes to going beyond the normal and opening up to a world with new horizons.

When it comes to the ‘strange’ part, this can mean either unfamiliar or bizarre – or both! The choice is entirely personal and up to the individual. In either case, International Strange Music Day is meant to expand the ear toward new sounds.

History of International Strange Music Day
International Strange Music Day was created by Patrick Grant, who was a New York City musician and composer at the time. The premise of the day is simple: to get people to play and listen to types of music they have never experienced before.

Patrick Grant believed that broadening people’s musical spectrums can also change the way that society looks at other aspects of life – his mantra is ‘listening without prejudice’.

Honestly, Strange Music Day also started out as a way for Grant to promote his new album, “Fields Amaze” in 1997. He picked August 24 because it was his girlfriend’s dad’s birthday, who had been a sort of artistic mentor to him.

By 2002, the day had been growing and picked up by various artists and venues. When he discovered the day had made its way to Europe, he decided to add the “International” portion to the name.

This growing movement now is attached to concerts, hosts a record label and gains strong support from summer schools, where it is appreciated as a great way to stimulate young minds.

The year 2012 brought added inspiration when Patrick Grant challenged the musicians of New York to participate in an International Strange Music Day Performance Soiree. Various strange bands and musicians such as Jolly Ramey, The Dreamscape Floppies, Da Groove Commanders, Micro-tons o’ Fun, and many more.

Since that time, other events have been hosted in honor of the day in New York as well as other towns and cities all over the United States. Other places in the world have been known to get in on the fun as well, including the University of London.

How to Celebrate International Strange Music Day
For those who are musical as well as those who don’t consider themselves to be, this day is for anyone! Whether listening or playing, celebrating International Music Day offers a myriad of opportunities to enjoy music and open up minds to new ideas. Try out these ways to celebrate, or come up with other unique ideas:

Listen to Strange Music Online
For those whose taste in music is already a bit on the edge, this is the perfect day to celebrate by listening to something even more out of the ordinary. Whether it’s a strange artist, a strange genre or a song with strange words, try out these ideas to get started on a playlist that will be inspirational for International Strange Music Day:

The Sound of Burning Chairs (2016) by Tilted Axes. One of Patrick Grant’s own projects, this group brings to public spaces the music of especially composed electric guitars. Sound Strange? It is!
International Freak (2018) by The Egyptian Lover. Part of the LA dance and rap music movement of the early ‘80s, this band features front man Gregory Broussard.
Rock N Roll McDonalds (1995) by Wesley Willis. This underground singer songwriter from the late eighties and early nineties gained a unique cult following, he also fronted his own punk rock band called the Wesley Willis Fiasco.

Create Some Strange Music
Ever wanted to combine a tight Wonder Woman costume, a frozen turkey drumstick and an inflatable wildebeest into a percussion concert? International Strange Music Day gives everyone the perfect excuse to do just that! What you do with these items once the music stops, of course, is something more personal…


Chinese New Year, 2022 is the year of the Tiger: it happens once every 60 years.

The Spring Festival commonly known as Chinese New Year. In the Eastern tradition, the calendar is lunisolar, that is linked to the phases of the moon (not the sun) and the months begin with each new moon. This is why we also speak of the Lunar New Year. The beginning of the new year always coincides with the second new moon after the winter solstice, therefore on a date between January 21 and February 20. A day that – this year on 1 February precisely – kicks off two weeks of celebrations for a large part of the Far East. Not only China, in fact, the Lunar New Year is also celebrated in Japan, Korea, Mongolia, Singapore, Malaysia, Nepal, Bhutan and Vietnam. Each year, according to Chinese astrology, is marked by an animal sign (12 in total) and one of the five fundamental elements: metal, wood, water, fire and earth. 2022 is the year of the Water Tiger. The 1938, 1950, 1962, 1974, 1986, 1998, 2010 and so on were also of the Tiger, but the combination with water recurs every 60 years. In the Chinese horoscope this sign embodies strength, courage and impulsiveness (characteristics similar to those of Leo in our local horoscope). The meaning attributed to it, therefore, is that of an unpredictable year. It mitigates the water element, but months of ups and downs are expected. Surely a better prospect than 2020, which was the year of the Rat: a year of great upheavals. The actual party, a bit like Christmas, begins on the evening of New Year’s Eve, with a family banquet. Then the first day opens with the lion dance, a traditional ritual. The party alternates between myths and superstitions. We visit parents and grandparents, not on the fourth day of celebration, however, because it brings bad luck and we fight. Among the traditional foods there are the Jiaozi, the famous steamed meat ravioli, which are eaten especially on the fifth day of the festival. To close the Chinese New Year cycle there is the Lantern Festival, the main recurrence of these holidays, in which you walk at night with the iconic rice paper lanterns. In modern times, plastic has replaced paper, and the decorations are written and drawings of anime, traditional Japanese cartoons. In the streets there are dances and other artistic performances, then the inevitable fireworks. But where do these customs come from?

September: the month of the two years [diary]

The heat of summer is still felt, albeit with less intensity
The days are getting shorter, but they are less hot, ideal for afternoon outings.

Most of the schools have restarted or will restart soon.
After all, September has always had the flavor of a restart, both at work and at school level.
We can imagine two parallel years: the one that starts regularly in January with the calendar and another seasonal one
which starts in September and could end (for the lucky ones) in June or July.
September is a month with two faces, the one that summer left behind, and the one that promises new seasons.
After all, we must all have a year free from the chains of the calendar.


Just a few hours ago, on Sunday June 27, the 2021 Bet Awards were held in Los Angeles. The Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles was teeming with “real” people and the stars gave their best, both on the red carpet and on stage. The luxury was certainly undeniable, but the style was sometimes lacking, and if there was, it was on the border between the baroque and the convoluted.

The fact remains that a multitude of artists of this caliber all together and in one place had not been seen for some years, due to pandemics and restrictions, so we cannot miss the opportunity to study and evaluate the outfits proposed by the stars.

Do you know what the Bet Awards are?

The Bet Awards are prizes that are given in an evening entirely focused on celebrating the “African Americans” in terms of music, sport, acting, social commitment and many other sectors. The first ceremony took place in 2001 and since then the Bet Awards have become an annual event. This year’s Bet Awards were important in many ways. First of all, the 2021 Bet Awards were one of the first musical and social events to resume at full capacity, that is, with real people, real spectators and non-artificial stages. They were held in the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles, and unlike last year, where the Bet Awards were held in virtual mode, this year everything is back to normal. The stars had the opportunity to prepare and show off their best looks and to walk the red carpet as usual.

The theme of the 2021 Bet Awards was “year of women of color”. Queen Latifah, singer, actress and activist, for example, received her Lifetime Achievement Award tonight. Leading this edition of the Bet Awards was the award-winning actress Tarji P. Henson, who said during the opening of the show: “Celebrating women of color is not a trend, but a mood of all time … there is room for everyone. we to thrive, because nobody is you like yourself “

ITALY, covid19: The state of emergency will be extended at the end of the year!


Maybe someone had some doubts or hoped at least that the emergency (at least the peak) had passed, but objectively it was almost obvious that the state of emergency in Italy was extended until the end of the year.
The infections, albeit low, are always there and are constant; they are mainly present in the northern regions, where the population density is clearly higher than in the southern Italian areas.

This news does not provide any good for the markets, which will suffer a further arrest. But frankly in March, when the pandemic broke out, it was clear that this situation would continue all year round. The decisive period will be autumn: with the reopening of the schools, in fact, a further peak of the infections is expected, which hopefully will not reach the levels at the beginning of the year.

Despite all this, there are still those who argue that the emergency is only one invention of the state that wants to impose its own dictatorship. It is true that the infections have decreased but only thanks to social distancing and masks ..

7th May: How to see the last supermoon of 2020



The SuperLuna show returns, even if it will be the last time for 2020 in which we will be able to attend this particular “space” show. Thursday 7 May the sky will give us the last Super Moon of the year. It will be the fourth and last of 2020, after those of February, March and April. Our satellite, in fact, will reach the Full Moon phase that day near its perigee (i.e. the minimum distance from Earth, which will touch at 05.05 on 7 May, 359655 km from us, against an average distance of just over of 384,000 km), so it will be a little closer, brighter and a little bigger than usual.

This “overlap” between full moon and passage to the perigee is now popularly referred to as “super moon”. The term, in itself, has no scientific value: in astronomy we prefer to speak of the Full Moon at Perigeo, but undoubtedly the nickname “Superluna” has a charm of its own. After this last appointment in 2020, the Superluna will return on April 27, 2021. Regarding its “floral identity”, the full moon of May was tied by the Native Americans to the flowers of the fields, which are abundant at this time of the year..