30th august: The music awards will take place tonight..


The 2020 MTV Video Music Awards will be held on August 30, 2020 in New York City. Keke Palmer is set to host. Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande are the most nominated acts with nine each. Nominees for Push Best New Artist were revealed on July 23, 2020, and other categories were announced on July 30. Fan voting also began on July 30 and ended on August 23. Nominees for Song of Summer, Best Group and Everyday Heroes: Frontline Medical Workers were additionally released on August 24.

Ceremony information

The awards were originally scheduled to be held at Barclays Center for the first time since 2013. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the event was expected to be held with “limited or no audience”, as one of the first major indoor events to be held in the city since the onset of the pandemic in the state, with MTV also announcing plans for the show to “[span] all five boroughs” to “pay homage to the strength, spirit and incredible resilience of NYC and its beloved residents”.

MTV eventually scrapped the indoor component of the ceremony at Barclays after “close consultation with state and local health officials” and announced that it would be conducted in an outdoor format across the city; the Center will host the 2021 show instead.[3] New one-off award categories for “Quarantine Performance” and “Best Music Video from Home” were added on July 30 in light of the ongoing pandemic. Three additional categories were announced on August 24: Song of Summer, Best Group and “Everyday Heroes: Frontline Medical Workers”, with the latter created “to celebrate performances by COVID-19 first responders”. The awards will be simulcast live by ViacomCBS half-sister network The CW on August 30, marking the VMA’s first ever broadcast on terrestrial television in the United States.

Democratic debate

Democratic presidential debate in Las Vegas
All against the billionaire former NY mayor who defends himself little and badly. Warren shines but it is Sanders who feels much safer today


“Only I can beat Donald Trump and I have the experience to be president, I was the mayor of the city with more diversity, entrepreneur, manager, philanthropist”: Michael Bloomberg rejects the attacks of Bernie Sander and Elizabeth Warren during the TV challenge and boasts his credentials for the White House. “With Senator Sanders there is no chance to take back the White House, we will have Trump for another four years,” he says.

Democratic candidates for the White House take off their gloves in the ninth TV challenge in Las Vegas and attack each other on the eve of Saturday’s caucus in Nevada, the third stage of primaries still too crowded. But the big target for all is the latest arrival, the billionaire Michael Bloomberg, who is climbing the polls with a campaign of $ 400 million commercials, the most expensive in American history, undermining both the socialist frontrunner Bernie Sanders and the patrol of the moderates.

Mike Bloomberg has promised to disclose his tax return “in a few weeks”, thus responding to criticisms from his rivals in the TV debate between dem presidential candidates.
The billionaire said it takes “a long time” to fill out his tax return because he makes a lot of money: “I can’t go to Turbotax,” he said.

The “pretty” and ‘impertinent’ little girl: Greta Thunberg

Greta Thunberg activist for sustainable development

Can a little girl influence the fate of the planet in the decline of climate change?

Probably yes, but hopefully it can influne it in a positive way and also significantly.

The activist girl who has become famous all over the world for demonstrating and talking to the most powerful politicians on earth would hope for a change of plans on reducing greenhouse gas emissions …
But there are many shadows surrounding the Swedish girl.

In fact, the girl is the daughter of two famous singers and is affected by the asparger syndrome. Many people claim that there are interests from multinationals and political interests behind his activism. In addition, many people have expressed perplexity about the Greta Thunberg syndrome.

At the last climate summit held in new york, Trump made a joke against greta and she responded with a look that had quickly become viral …

LIBRO GIUGNO2019: Victor LaValle – favola di new york


Oggi 6 giugno 2019 è uscito il libro di Victor La Valle, Favola di New York e sui social – prevalentemente su twitter – è spopolato l’hashtag del titolo del nuovo romanzo dello scrittore americano.

Victor La Valle è uno scrittore americano che ha vinto numerosissimi premi letterari.

Il libro è disponibile sulle diverse piattaforme di vendita dei libri ed ebook come amazon, ibs, etc…


Il piccolo Apollo, figlio della New York di oggi, cresce con la madre, giovane single di origini ugandesi. Il padre, che è sparito nel nulla, gli ha lasciato solo una scatola di libri e uno strano incubo ricorrente. Da grande, Apollo diventa un commerciante di libri antichi e si innamora della bibliotecaria Emma, insieme alla quale ha presto un figlio. Ma il nuovo arrivato incrina l’idillio della coppia: lui rivive l’abbandono del padre e, alle prese con i propri fantasmi, fatica a comprendere che in lei qualcosa è cambiato. Emma si comporta in modo strano, è sempre più distante e insofferente fino a quando, un giorno, compie un gesto indicibile. Quanto possono essere oscuri i segreti delle persone che più amiamo? Inizia così l’avventura di Apollo alla ricerca della verità su quell’atto terribile: un viaggio che lo porterà su un’isola misteriosa nel cuore della metropoli dove accadono cose al di là di ogni immaginazione e dove la vita quotidiana in una modernissima New York si sospende per lasciare spazio al mito e alla leggenda.