24th august (’22): International Strange Music Day

For those who have a tendency to lean toward the unique and bizarre, this is one day that will feed that strange musical soul! International Strange Music Day pulls out all the stops when it comes to going beyond the normal and opening up to a world with new horizons.

When it comes to the ‘strange’ part, this can mean either unfamiliar or bizarre – or both! The choice is entirely personal and up to the individual. In either case, International Strange Music Day is meant to expand the ear toward new sounds.

History of International Strange Music Day
International Strange Music Day was created by Patrick Grant, who was a New York City musician and composer at the time. The premise of the day is simple: to get people to play and listen to types of music they have never experienced before.

Patrick Grant believed that broadening people’s musical spectrums can also change the way that society looks at other aspects of life – his mantra is ‘listening without prejudice’.

Honestly, Strange Music Day also started out as a way for Grant to promote his new album, “Fields Amaze” in 1997. He picked August 24 because it was his girlfriend’s dad’s birthday, who had been a sort of artistic mentor to him.

By 2002, the day had been growing and picked up by various artists and venues. When he discovered the day had made its way to Europe, he decided to add the “International” portion to the name.

This growing movement now is attached to concerts, hosts a record label and gains strong support from summer schools, where it is appreciated as a great way to stimulate young minds.

The year 2012 brought added inspiration when Patrick Grant challenged the musicians of New York to participate in an International Strange Music Day Performance Soiree. Various strange bands and musicians such as Jolly Ramey, The Dreamscape Floppies, Da Groove Commanders, Micro-tons o’ Fun, and many more.

Since that time, other events have been hosted in honor of the day in New York as well as other towns and cities all over the United States. Other places in the world have been known to get in on the fun as well, including the University of London.

How to Celebrate International Strange Music Day
For those who are musical as well as those who don’t consider themselves to be, this day is for anyone! Whether listening or playing, celebrating International Music Day offers a myriad of opportunities to enjoy music and open up minds to new ideas. Try out these ways to celebrate, or come up with other unique ideas:

Listen to Strange Music Online
For those whose taste in music is already a bit on the edge, this is the perfect day to celebrate by listening to something even more out of the ordinary. Whether it’s a strange artist, a strange genre or a song with strange words, try out these ideas to get started on a playlist that will be inspirational for International Strange Music Day:

The Sound of Burning Chairs (2016) by Tilted Axes. One of Patrick Grant’s own projects, this group brings to public spaces the music of especially composed electric guitars. Sound Strange? It is!
International Freak (2018) by The Egyptian Lover. Part of the LA dance and rap music movement of the early ‘80s, this band features front man Gregory Broussard.
Rock N Roll McDonalds (1995) by Wesley Willis. This underground singer songwriter from the late eighties and early nineties gained a unique cult following, he also fronted his own punk rock band called the Wesley Willis Fiasco.

Create Some Strange Music
Ever wanted to combine a tight Wonder Woman costume, a frozen turkey drumstick and an inflatable wildebeest into a percussion concert? International Strange Music Day gives everyone the perfect excuse to do just that! What you do with these items once the music stops, of course, is something more personal…


Amazon: The first American union of workers of the e-commerce giant was recently created in New York

Employees at Amazon’s Staten Island warehouse in New York voted to form the e-commerce giant’s first American union. In the vote, 2654 employees said they were in favor of the union and 2,131 were against, according to data provided by the National Labor Relations Board of Brooklyn.

The historic vote is the result of the battle of Christian Smalls, a former Amazon employee fired for organizing a protest in 2020 for greater protection against Covid, which created the Amazon Labor Union with which he obtained victory over the Seattle giant that in the past it had managed to block any other attempt at unionization.

When the results were announced, applause rang out from the small crowd gathered for the occasion at the foot of the building in the Brooklyn neighborhood where the counting took place. The name of the union, ALU, is sung several times. Its president Christian Smalls uncorks a bottle of champagne: “People have spoken today, they want a union,” he said. Shortly after, in front of the press, he ironically thanked Amazon boss Jeff Bezos for going into space, “because while he was up there, we were able to create a union.”

In decline for several decades, unions have achieved several symbolic victories in the United States in recent months, starting with the explicit support of US President Joe Biden. He also greeted the victory of the ALU union, saying “happy” that the employees can “be heard”.

September 11 – 20 years ago the attack on the Twin Towers

It is 8.46 in the morning twenty years ago. At that moment, the first of four flights hijacked by Al Qaeda terrorists crosses the New York sky at full speed and crashes into the North Tower of the World Trade Center. Thus began September 11, the day of the attack that would have led to the collapse of the Twin Towers, causing the death of 2,997 people and changing history. Here are all the stages that marked that day.

It is 5.45 am when hijackers Mohammed Atta and Abdulaziz al-Omari evade security checks at Portland airport on their way to Boston. Here, along with three other terrorists, they board American Airlines Flight 11 to Los Angeles, carrying 92 people. The five take control of the plane which, three hours later, will crash into the center of New York: the impact will occur between the 93rd and 99th floors of the North skyscraper at a speed of 710 kilometers per hour.

A few minutes later, United Airlines 175, also departed from Boston and hijacked by five other men, crashes into the South Tower, between the 77th and 85th floors, at 870 kilometers per hour. It is 9.03 am and the impact takes place live on TV. After the first violent impact, in fact, the world’s media cameras are aimed at the World Trade Center in search of news for what, at least initially, appears to be an accident. A hypothesis that, in the face of the second crash, will however soon be set aside in favor of that of the attack.

Just half an hour later, the script repeats itself and Al Qaeda hits its third target: at 9.37 am American Airlines Flight 77, departing from Dulles International Airport in Washington with destination Los Angeles, hits the Pentagon, the headquarters of the American Defense Department , in Virginia. The attack caused the collapse of the west facade of the building and the death of 189 people in total: 125 inside the structure plus the 64 passengers on the flight, including the five terrorists responsible for the hijacking.

Meanwhile, upon becoming aware of the hijackings and the following coordinated attacks, the Federal Aviation Administration issues an order to block all civilian aircraft within the borders of the United States and orders those already in flight to land immediately. In an instant, at 10.42 am, all international civil air traffic is banned from landing in the United States. The block will remain in effect for three days.

It is now 10.00 in the morning in New York, and while it is becoming clear that it is a terrorist act, one of the Twin Towers, the one facing south, collapses on itself and crashes to the ground in front of the cameras of the whole world. Only an hour has passed since the moment of impact but the impact was so strong that it compromised the structural strength of the building and less than half an hour later, precisely at 10.28, the same fate will befall the North Tower. Some of the surrounding buildings are also damaged, one of which will collapse after 12.30, and for several minutes there have been scenes of people, trapped in the flames, who throw themselves into the void in desperation, rather than die charred or intoxicated. . The police speak of thousands of dead and injured: by the end of the day there will be 2,606 victims under the rubble of the World Trade Center.

But Al Qaeda’s plan is not yet fully realized. And in fact it never will be. About 30 minutes after the attack on the Pentagon, news arrives of a fourth and last aircraft involved in the offensive: a few hours earlier it left Newark airport, near New York, to head to San Francisco but the terrorists they presumably took control of it with the intent of turning to Washington to hit the seat of Congress. In a gesture that will become the subject of film scripts, the passengers of the Boeing 757 manage to get the better of the commando and crash the plane in Shanksville, in the countryside of Pennsylvania.

In addition to the images broadcast worldwide, the reaction of George W. Bush, who became president of the United States eight months earlier, remains a symbolic scene of the 9/11 attacks. Bush Jr. is in an elementary school classroom in Florida when the presidential chief of staff approaches him and whispers that a second plane has also hit the Twin Towers. The president decides to stay in the class and read the story of the goat with the children. “His face changed color,” said former student Mariah Williams ten years later. “We realized that something bad was happening.”

Hurricane Ida engulfs New York and New Jersey. At least 40 dead

NEW YORK – The alarms that arrive on all cell phones in America when there is a risk of any kind near it, began to ring on Wednesday, around eight in the evening, when it was already raining heavily on the Big Apple due to the hurricane Ida.

Then the messages became more and more disturbing, all the more so with the streets still full of South American messengers intent on delivering food, tinkering on bikes shaken by the wind and with the water rising in the meantime: “Floods in progress. Conditions. Weather. dangerous for your life. Do not leave the house and do not immediately seek shelter “.

Use before and after Hurricane Ida: streets flooded in minutes

Too late. After declaring a state of emergency when it was almost midnight, Mayor Bill de Blasio confirmed it in mid-morning: after devastating Louisiana, leaving New Orleans in the dark, Hurricane Ida’s tail landed here causing at least 40 deaths ( but there could be more). Including a two-year-old boy found together with his 48- and 50-year-old parents and an 86-year-old woman.

All overwhelmed by the water in the basements where they lived. Numbers that rise to twenty-two if we also calculate the deaths in Maryland and New Jersey. “A historic meteorological event” defined the mayor.

Usa, flying inside Ida: images from the eye of the hurricane

On the other hand, in the first hour alone – just between 8pm and 9pm when the alarms began to sound – about 10 centimeters of rain fell on the city. And it continued like this throughout the night. Some subway stations – on 28th street and 142nd street – were swept away by water, which reached the electric tracks, forcing the service to be interrupted.

At one in the morning, then, another message: it is forbidden to drive by car until five in the morning. Indeed, a curfew caused by rain. Newark Airport is also closed from nine in the evening. And the stadium where the US Open is played has also flooded, forcing the postponement of tennis competitions.

Such a thing, in America’s most famous metropolis, had never really been seen. Although a warning had already occurred two weeks ago. When the sudden tail of Hurricane Henri unexpectedly hit the city on August 21, forcing the We Love NYC concert in Central Park to be stopped, preventing big names like Paul Simon from performing at Bruce Springsteen.

At an outdoor mid-morning press conference in Jamaica’s hardest hit area of ​​Queens, new governor Kathy Hochul reiterated: “This is the first time there is a” flash flood “in New York, yes, in short, such a severe sudden flood, caused by rain, “he said, making the list of floods, from the subway, in fact, to the Lincoln Tunnel that connects New York to New Jersey.

“Experts are no longer able to predict the suddenness of certain phenomena. We have to completely rethink our contingency plans. And every resident, every visitor to New York must know what to do after receiving an alarm, aware of the deadly seriousness of the risk. . “.

A concept also underlined by de Blasio: “It is a wake-up call for everyone. We must learn to react much faster. And more funds are needed”.

President Joe Biden, today in Louisiana just to visit the areas devastated by the Ida in the South, has already promised an important allocation. Meanwhile, the morning light showed how much the hurricane’s virulence affected Pennsylvania as well. Half Philadelphia is flooded just like major cities in New Jersey and New York, but it is not yet known whether there were any casualties there as well.

The “socialist” deputy from New York Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, godmother of the Green New Deal, is already pointing her finger: “Climate change is to blame.” While on Twitter she tries to ironize the New York journalist Philip Gourevitch: “Not being in the middle of fire or underwater these days is now anti-American”, she writes, alluding to the fire emergency that is ravaging California in these same hours. .

30th august: The music awards will take place tonight..


The 2020 MTV Video Music Awards will be held on August 30, 2020 in New York City. Keke Palmer is set to host. Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande are the most nominated acts with nine each. Nominees for Push Best New Artist were revealed on July 23, 2020, and other categories were announced on July 30. Fan voting also began on July 30 and ended on August 23. Nominees for Song of Summer, Best Group and Everyday Heroes: Frontline Medical Workers were additionally released on August 24.

Ceremony information

The awards were originally scheduled to be held at Barclays Center for the first time since 2013. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the event was expected to be held with “limited or no audience”, as one of the first major indoor events to be held in the city since the onset of the pandemic in the state, with MTV also announcing plans for the show to “[span] all five boroughs” to “pay homage to the strength, spirit and incredible resilience of NYC and its beloved residents”.

MTV eventually scrapped the indoor component of the ceremony at Barclays after “close consultation with state and local health officials” and announced that it would be conducted in an outdoor format across the city; the Center will host the 2021 show instead.[3] New one-off award categories for “Quarantine Performance” and “Best Music Video from Home” were added on July 30 in light of the ongoing pandemic. Three additional categories were announced on August 24: Song of Summer, Best Group and “Everyday Heroes: Frontline Medical Workers”, with the latter created “to celebrate performances by COVID-19 first responders”. The awards will be simulcast live by ViacomCBS half-sister network The CW on August 30, marking the VMA’s first ever broadcast on terrestrial television in the United States.

Democratic debate

Democratic presidential debate in Las Vegas
All against the billionaire former NY mayor who defends himself little and badly. Warren shines but it is Sanders who feels much safer today


“Only I can beat Donald Trump and I have the experience to be president, I was the mayor of the city with more diversity, entrepreneur, manager, philanthropist”: Michael Bloomberg rejects the attacks of Bernie Sander and Elizabeth Warren during the TV challenge and boasts his credentials for the White House. “With Senator Sanders there is no chance to take back the White House, we will have Trump for another four years,” he says.

Democratic candidates for the White House take off their gloves in the ninth TV challenge in Las Vegas and attack each other on the eve of Saturday’s caucus in Nevada, the third stage of primaries still too crowded. But the big target for all is the latest arrival, the billionaire Michael Bloomberg, who is climbing the polls with a campaign of $ 400 million commercials, the most expensive in American history, undermining both the socialist frontrunner Bernie Sanders and the patrol of the moderates.

Mike Bloomberg has promised to disclose his tax return “in a few weeks”, thus responding to criticisms from his rivals in the TV debate between dem presidential candidates.
The billionaire said it takes “a long time” to fill out his tax return because he makes a lot of money: “I can’t go to Turbotax,” he said.

The “pretty” and ‘impertinent’ little girl: Greta Thunberg

Greta Thunberg activist for sustainable development

Can a little girl influence the fate of the planet in the decline of climate change?

Probably yes, but hopefully it can influne it in a positive way and also significantly.

The activist girl who has become famous all over the world for demonstrating and talking to the most powerful politicians on earth would hope for a change of plans on reducing greenhouse gas emissions …
But there are many shadows surrounding the Swedish girl.

In fact, the girl is the daughter of two famous singers and is affected by the asparger syndrome. Many people claim that there are interests from multinationals and political interests behind his activism. In addition, many people have expressed perplexity about the Greta Thunberg syndrome.

At the last climate summit held in new york, Trump made a joke against greta and she responded with a look that had quickly become viral …

LIBRO GIUGNO2019: Victor LaValle – favola di new york


Oggi 6 giugno 2019 è uscito il libro di Victor La Valle, Favola di New York e sui social – prevalentemente su twitter – è spopolato l’hashtag del titolo del nuovo romanzo dello scrittore americano.

Victor La Valle è uno scrittore americano che ha vinto numerosissimi premi letterari.

Il libro è disponibile sulle diverse piattaforme di vendita dei libri ed ebook come amazon, ibs, etc…


Il piccolo Apollo, figlio della New York di oggi, cresce con la madre, giovane single di origini ugandesi. Il padre, che è sparito nel nulla, gli ha lasciato solo una scatola di libri e uno strano incubo ricorrente. Da grande, Apollo diventa un commerciante di libri antichi e si innamora della bibliotecaria Emma, insieme alla quale ha presto un figlio. Ma il nuovo arrivato incrina l’idillio della coppia: lui rivive l’abbandono del padre e, alle prese con i propri fantasmi, fatica a comprendere che in lei qualcosa è cambiato. Emma si comporta in modo strano, è sempre più distante e insofferente fino a quando, un giorno, compie un gesto indicibile. Quanto possono essere oscuri i segreti delle persone che più amiamo? Inizia così l’avventura di Apollo alla ricerca della verità su quell’atto terribile: un viaggio che lo porterà su un’isola misteriosa nel cuore della metropoli dove accadono cose al di là di ogni immaginazione e dove la vita quotidiana in una modernissima New York si sospende per lasciare spazio al mito e alla leggenda.