Black And White Stone Wall — Perkins

Photographed along the Laurel-Snow Trail on the Cumberland Plateau, this black and white stone wall is a remnant from the Dayton Coal And Iron Company. Though mining operations concluded over 100 years ago, various structures – and mine entrances – can be found while hiking. Prints are available in my Pixels and ArtPal galleries. Thanks […] […]

Color Tiffany — Inchiostronerodenso

Stamattina il lago era color Tiffany. ” Nel 1845 Charles Lewis Tiffany, il famoso gioielliere newyorchese, sceglie per la copertina da allora distintiva del suo catalogo una varietà di turchese diventata da allora distintiva del brand. Con questo colore vengono realizzati tutti i materiali promozionali della Tiffany & Co. come le scatoline e le shopper […] […]

Wolf Down — John Malone

A few years ago I read a book called Wolf Hall. Now I’m writing about Wolf Down what the cat does with food when it’s been stuck on the roof all day; what we do now wolfing down pleasure, sunshine, the great outdoors, going for drives, doing stuff together, hoping to outfox the old virus […] […]