The post covid era

With the announcement of the vaccine, which will have to arrive for most European countries by the beginning of 2021, the future is ahead, and we can see what is defined as the light at the end of the tunnel.
Although there are 3 vaccines that can be purchased from European countries, Italy seems far behind the rest of Europe, both in purchasing the vaccine and in organizing it to administer it to most of the country.
My idea is that the distrust of the Italian people is very high towards the vaccine, although it is essential to be able to resume normal life, or at least partially resume it. The first to receive the vaccine will be the elderly and nurses. But besides these people I don't think there will be other people who will lend themselves to receiving the fateful drug. What is outlined is a very long recovery to normalcy and a real reconstruction is expected like the post-war period.
The state has imposed a block on layoffs, but this block will last until the pandemic and with the resumption of normal life we ​​will see the real economic crisis, because obviously the economy will not recover immediately as many will still be discouraged in spending, especially in some sectors such as tourism and catering.