CR7 and Juve stretch Barça: 3-0!

Yesterday Juventus achieved a historic victory against Barcelona: 3-0 at the Camp Nou. Although the Catalan team has returned from a series of problems, which are evident above all from the position in the rear in the Spanish league, Juve have shown a good incisive game. Two goals came from a penalty but Juve still created a myriad of scoring chances.
The game was not very tense, because both teams were qualified; at stake was only the first place of the group which allows you to face the second of another gironen that generally (not always) is weaker.

This victory also represents the probable beginning of a new cycle that Pirlo particularly hopes for, but above all it is the hope for a victory in the Champions League that has been missing for too many years and lost many times in the final. The first part of this season highlighted Morata's great form, which probably few expected. This is a good sign because in my opinion, despite the presence of the extra-terrestrial Ronaldo, the attack has always struggled, especially with the European teams.