Now it’s official: Facebook changes its name to Meta. Zuckerberg: “Now we are a social network, we want to become a metaverse company”

Facebook has officially changed its name, now it will be called Meta. This was announced by Mark Zuckerberg, directly from the virtual stage of Facebook Connect 2021: “We are a company that builds technologies to create connections,” said the CEO. “Together, we can finally put people at the heart of our technology and together, we can unlock an incredibly bigger virtual monetization economy.” In addition to this, Zuckerberg stated that the Meta name “reflects better who we are and what we hope to build”.

There is a lot of similarity to what happened in 2015 with Google, which created the holding Alphabet to manage various companies. Facebook, along with Instagram, Whatsapp and Oculus, will now be managed by Meta.

Facebook’s new name will tie the company together in its efforts to build the metaverse, the parallel universe imagined by Zuckerberg that is based on augmented reality. However, the rebranding that has materialized in these hours for many observers is also due to documents and internal investigations that for weeks have put the company’s top management under pressure and lowered user confidence.

Meanwhile, the @meta Twitter handle has appeared and the site now redirects to a Facebook welcome page outlining the changes, while the large banner in front of the Facebook headquarters now also bears the Meta logo.

Zuckerberg wrote in a blog post Thursday that the structure of the company will not change, it will change the way it reports financial results. In practice, the Facebook app will join Instagram, WhatsApp and Oculus under a parent company with a new name, modeled on Google’s rebranding with Alphabet in 2015.

29th october (2021): Today is blessed ROSARIO LIVATINO (magistrate killed by the mafia in the 90s): beatified by Pope Francis this year, 9may 2021

Rosario Angelo Livatino (Italian pronunciation: [roˈzaːrjo livaˈtiːno]; October 3, 1952 – September 21, 1990) was an Italian magistrate who was killed by Stidda.

Livatino was born in Canicattì, in Sicily. After successfully completing high school, he entered the university Law Faculty in Palermo in 1971, and graduated in 1975. Between 1977 and 1978 he serviced as vice-director in the Register Office in Agrigento. In 1978, after being among the top percentage in the Judiciary audit, he was assigned a post as magistrate at the court at Caltanissetta.

In 1979 he became “sostituto procuratore” (deputy prosecutor) at the Agrigento court, a position he kept until 1989, when he was appointed assistant judge (giudice a latere). He was murdered on September 21, 1990, along route SS 640 by four killers, as he travelled without bodyguard to the court. The assassins had been paid by the Stidda of Agrigento.

During his career, Livatino worked against corruption, and gained success in a number of cases, obtaining the seizure of large sums of money and property and the arrest of senior figures in organised crime.

His story inspired a novel, Il giudice ragazzino (“The Boy Judge”), written by Nando Dalla Chiesa in 1992, and this was made into a film with the same title in 1994 by director Alessandro di Robilant.

In 1993 the Bishop of Agrigento asked Rosario Livatino’s former teacher, Ida Abate, to collect any available testimony for Livatino’s beatification.

Pope John Paul II said that Rosario Livatino was a “Martyr of Justice and in an indirect way, of the Christian Faith”.

In December 2020, Pope Francis approved the decree of martyrdom proposed by the Vatican’s Congregation for the Causes of Saints. Servant of God Rosario Angelo Livatino has been officially proclaimed Blessed on Sunday, 9 May 2021, in the Cathedral of Agrigento, Sicily by Cardinal Marcello Semeraro, Prefect of the Congregation for the Causes of Saints on the same day John Paul II, in 1993, at the Valley of the Temples, addressed his peremptory invitation to the Mafia: “Convert! once God’s judgment will come!

29th October (2021): Republic Day of Turkey

Republic Day (TurkishCumhuriyet Bayramı) is a public holiday in Turkey commemorating the proclamation of the Republic of Turkey, on 29 October 1923. The annual celebrations start at 1:00 pm on 28 October and continue for 35 hours.

The holiday commemorates the events of 29 October 1923, when Mustafa Kemal Atatürk declared that Turkey was henceforth a republic. Turkey had de facto been a republic since 23 April 1920, the date of the establishment of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey, but the official confirmation of this fact came three-and-a-half years later. On 29 October 1923, the status of the nation as a republic was declared and its official name was proclaimed to be Türkiye Cumhuriyeti (“the Republic of Turkey”). After that, a vote was held in the Grand National Assembly, and Atatürk was elected as the first President of the Republic of Turkey.

Republic Day is a national holiday marked by patriotic displays. Similar to other autumn events, Republic Day celebrations often take place outdoors. According to Law No. 2429 of 1981, Republic Day is a national holiday, so all public institutions are closed on that day. It is also observed by Northern Cyprus.

Decorations (e.g., streamers, balloons, and clothing) are generally colored red and white, the colors of the Turkish flagAnıtkabir is visited by more than a hundred thousand people every year. Parades are often held in the morning, while concerts, and fireworks displays occur in the evening after dark at such places as parks, fairgrounds, or town squares. Republic Day fireworks are often accompanied by patriotic songs such as the 10th Anniversary March. Istanbul has the largest fireworks display in the country. It generally holds displays over the Bosporus. Other major displays are in Ankara in Ulus; and in İzmir over the Gulf of İzmir and Gündoğdu Square.



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